Industrial Sector

    • Consumer Electronics – Telecommunications

Whether retail chains, department stores or consumers, Lagermax DLS is the right partner for the organization of the entire logistics processes for goods of this kind.
These fast-paced areas require speedy availability – we ensure that the products are available JUST-IN-TIME at the POS.

    • Sports Nutrition – Dietary Supplements

Online trading is often chosen as a distribution channel in this segment.
The receiver structure is usually positioned in the consumer sector.
We also have the necessary know-how in this field and are happy to provide you with
our expertise.

    • Media – Mail Order – Tourism – Promotional Items

Catalogue shipping to consumers or outlets.
We take care of your catalogue shipping from the initial mass distribution to the
subsequent individual delivery upon request.
Shipping is specifically optimized and tailor-made, no matter whether per conventional post- or parcel mail.

    • Fashion & Textile Industry

The fashion and textiles sector requires special solutions for “hanging ” and ” lying ” garments as well as packed textiles. Your textiles are transported in perfect condition with our specially equipped fleet of vehicles.

Lagermax as a shareholder of Fashionet offers tailor-made solutions for the textile industry within its distribution network throughout Europe.
Fashionet offers Europe-wide high-capacity textile logistics packages from one provider
specifically for importers, exporters, manufacturers, retailers and purchasing associations.